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Dahua nvr switch setting

By | 04.10.2020

Quick Links. Download this manual. Goods Checking Device and accessory checking Power supply Quick guide How to add and change the setting of the camera How to install HDD Cable connection Connect to the ground How to Change the password How to Close the HDD buzzer Startup Wizard How to use Navigation Bar Main Menu Dual-screen operation Output Screen Alarm Status Remote Device How to Add the account and set the right How to Change the date, time and time zoneSecurity is paramount both in life and business, hence an increasing number of people are protecting their homes and business with surveillance systems mounted around their property.

Dahua NVR setup using PoE switch step by step - CCTV - - IN TAMIL - TAMILSIRPI

NVR Network Video Recorder serves as the nerve of sophisticated security — it provides constant coverage of your property and allows you to view in real time with crystal-clear, high-resolution imagery. Then how to set up a NVR with your network devices to reap the great benefit it brings? An NVR consists of a computer and special video management software. It is a true digital system that records the digital images or videos received over the network onto a hard disk or another storage device.

So you could view, playback, and download recordings when needed. Usually based on Windows or Linux environments, a NVR usually has a user friendly graphical user interface, flexible recording, playback capability, intelligent motion detection and camera control capability.

Remote access is also available with NVR, and other benefits include ease of installation and usage, the capability of handling large amounts of video streams. Unlike standard network switcha PoE switch is capable of delivering data and power simultaneously through an Ethernet cable.

This type of switch will act as a hub but can also supply power to POE compatible devices such as IP security cameras, without the need for an external power source or extra power wires. This makes for less installation cost and cabling complexity — you can handle your power and video over a single CAT5 cable.

It happens sometimes that you want to add more ports to the network, but cannot justify the price to replace a higher-density switch.

Sometimes, a router and a hub are required to get extra port to expand your system. Ever confused by PoE switch connectivity issues?

dahua nvr switch setting

COM via sales fs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. February 10, by Don Stephens. Not only do they possess all of the features people have come to expect, but they also stand the test of time where others fail.

With Hikvision arguably not having options that are as highly sought after, but with their IP cameras still being as popular as they are, it makes sense to look at Dahua to fill the gap.

The tool will automatically detect your Hikvision IP camera. You'll only need to select it from the list and then, if necessary, modify the cameras network parameters using the options located on the right side of the screen. All other Onvif IP cameras will have a similar IP configuration tool or software that you'll use to accomplish the same task.

Those of you who own a Tribrid DVR will have an added step immediately following step one. If you haven't already discovered the Channel Type page in the menu, you'll need to now. It can be found located under the Setting section of the Main Menu, and then under Camera. From the next page, select the Channel Type option from the left side of the screen. Tribrids, as you probably already know if you own one, are compatible with standard definition analog, high definition HD analog, and IP cameras.

The way this is made possible is by allowing the end user you to configure those cameras for any of those three signal types. On a Tribrid, you need to add IP cameras in reverse order. If we decide later to add an additional IP camera, we just need to go back and change channel 7 to IP and so on.

Once you've changed the appropriate channel s to IP, click the Save button and then the Apply button. You're DVR will inform you that it needs to restart at this time. After it has finished rebooting, the changes you've made to the channel type will now be set, and you may move onto step two. After selecting this option from the main menu, you may see your IP cameras IP address being displayed on the device list. Select the camera by clicking on the check box, and then click the add button.

You will likely need to utilize the Edit feature at this time to input the proper credentials for your camera. If you do not see your camera being displayed, you will need to add the camera manually by clicking the Manual Add button located on the same page.

After clicking the button, you will be brought to a pop up window picture below. The screen you see below is the same screen that will open when using the Edit option. Immediately after selecting which channel you'd like the IP camera to be associated with, change the Manufacturer option to Onvif.How to Setup Encoding.

Need More Recording Space. Some of these settings are better left alone in order to keep a consistent image quality; Brightness Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Gamma. Using a monitor calibration tool can help offset the native settings that might give you mixed results with the monitor you are viewing on if you want the optimal image quality.

Try using the settings at the bottom of the page first before altering the cameras standard settings. In order to get the optimal use out of your IP camera s first review and understand the following areas:. Makes the video feed brighter or darker. Use this when the whole picture is dark, or bright. Make sure the other lighting settings are where they are supposed to be before setting the brightness higher or lower.

Difference in luminescence or color that makes an object distinguishable, this varies from blending to separating hue. Difference in black and white to full color. This can cause issues when compressing an image since it takes more information to process colors.

Also if the picture is over-saturated then it will also cause blurry or artifacting pixels which will cause less compression in the image to occur.

How to setup ActiveX for Dahua DVR, NVR or IP camera

The edge contrast among its surroundings, this can blur or define details in an image. The sharper the image the more noise it will create in a moving image. This causes the compression to render more of the image which results in a larger bit stream and saved file size.

A nonlinear lighting adjustment used to eliminate blinding whites and absolute dark areas. Think of this like brightness with contrast included, and use it to accent darker areas as a fine adjustment. Used for lights mostly florescent lights to sync up the rate at which they pulse. This is used if you see indoor lights flickering on the camera.Forgot your password?

Connecting a Hikvision or Onvif IP Camera to a Dahua NVR

This is actually an excellent thing and something anyone would want- to be able to access the cameras web interface even if it's hooked up to a hardware NVR's POE. But, I wouldn't have a clue how to do what you said. I have heard recently that there is indeed a work around to do this, but I didn't ask for specifics yet, and I'd hope it's not this invloved. Yes, I had the same question.

dahua nvr switch setting

Is there a way to permanently commit the routing tables, i. If you add the -p switch to the Route Add line, it should be persistent through reboots. At least, this worked on WinXP, last few times I had to do this. Nope, read-only filesystem One thing is for sure that You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Search In. Existing user? Sign in anonymously.

Recommended Posts. Posted April 16, Assuming you are using windows client, you need two commands: route add You can change the default passwords for better security.

dahua nvr switch setting

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Good info! I was just starting down this road 2 days ago, you've done my work for me! Posted April 17, This works until reboot Posted April 18, What is the adjustment in the swicth settings of NVR? IP adress? Http port of my NVR is 80 What is the http port cameras?

Thank you for your help. Posted April 19, Thank's for your help Best regards porto. GREAT tip. I'll have to try it out. Posted April 20, Connected to JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

June 22, by Matthew Rossi. This article will guide you through the necessary changes that need to be made to the camera's configuration in order to function with our PoE or non-PoE NVR. We will also cover a few other features that the Pro Series camera offers. To test the camera you need to power the camera and connect it to your network. There are a couple of different way to do this depending on whether you have a external PoE switch or not. Using a power adapter and configuring the settings outlined below are necessary steps to configure the camera for use with the internal PoE switch of the NVR.

Connect the camera to a PoE switch connected to your network to send both data and power over a single network cable. It does take a minute or two for the camera to boot up and become accessible after connecting the camera to a power adapter or a PoE switch.

If you haven't already done so, install the ActiveX File for the camera. This file is downloaded directly from the camera and is known to cause false positives with Anti-Virus programs.

Install the file and add If you run into issues with viewing the login prompt after you enter the IP address for the camera, follow the steps outlined in Enabling ActiveX on internet explorer. Login to the camera using the default credentials if you have not changed the username or password; use admin for username and password.

After logging in there may be residual effects from updated firmware that might cause the screen to not format correctly. Do the following:. A message will be displayed stating "Restart, please wait Once it's finished you will be redirected to the login page.

Enter the credentials and log in again. This time, you will see the web interface the way it was intended. Certain features of the Avalonix Pro Series cameras are turned off by default.

dahua nvr switch setting

One of those features is external audio input if applicable which allows the use of an add-on security camera microphone. If you will be using an add-on microphone, to activate audio input on the camera, navigate to:.

It is always a good idea to confirm your settings were properly saved by navigating to a different page in the web configuration section, and revisiting the modified page to confirm the settings were saved properly. All of our IP cameras keep time. We suggest synchronizing the camera with an NTP server so you don't have to worry about the internal clock going out of sync.

Having the time out of sync can cause playback issues in multi-camera systems. Here's how to set the correct time:. Make sure the camera is on a network that allows internet access.

If your router or firewall are blocking port you will not be able to communicate with the time servers. By selecting all you are setting the whole image to trigger motion events. If you do not want to include an area you can click and drag one or more boxes on the screen with Motion area set highlighted to include only specific areas. This can be helpful if there is a fixed object that moves in the wind, and sets off false motion alarms.

Depending on your given scenario you may want to set motion detection to a stronger or weaker sensitivity. There is no cut and dry setting for sensitivity.Note: The dual-Ethernet port series support the above three configurations and supports functions as multiple-access, fault-tolerance and load balancing.

Configuring ONVIF IP Cameras For Use With A PoE NVR

Important: System needs to reboot after you changed and saved any setup of the above four ports. Please make sure the port values here do not conflict. After device successfully connected to the WIFI, you can view the hotspot name, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and etc.

PPPoE interface is shown in the above image. Click save button, you need to restart to activate your configuration. After rebooting, NVR will connect to internet automatically. You can access this IP to visit the unit. Click save button and then reboot system. All the DDNS can be valid at the same time, you can select as you requirement. It realizes the bonding of the domain name and the IP address. Right now, current DDNS server is for our own devices only.

You need to refresh the bonding relationship of the domain and the IP regularly. There is no user name, password or the ID registration on the server. At the same time, each device has a default domain name Generated by MAC address for your option. You can also use customized valid domain name has not registered. Before you use Quick DDNS, you need to enable this service and set proper server address, port value and domain name. Except default domain name registration, you can also use customized domain name You can input your self-defined domain name.

After successful registration, you can use domain name to login installed of the device IP. For the TCP and UDP, please make sure the internal port and external port are the same to guarantee the proper data transmission.

You can add IP in the following list. The list supports max 64 IP addresses. System supports valid address of IPv4 and IPv6. Please note system needs to check the validity of all IPv6 addresses and implement optimization. Please note system will not send out the email immediately when the alarm occurs. When the alarm, motion detection or the abnormity event activates the email, system sends out the email according to the interval you specified here.

This function is very useful when there are too many emails activated by the abnormity events, which may result in heavy load for the email server. Now you can set user password and FTP folder. Please note you need to grant write right to FTP upload user. You can create multiple folders under this FTP. Please highlight the icon in front of Enable to activate FTP function.

Here you can input FTP server address, port and remote directory. When remote directory is null, system automatically create folders according to the IP, time and channel. User name and password is the account information for you to login the FTP. File length is upload file length. When setup is larger than the actual file length, system will upload the whole file. When setup here is smaller than the actual file length, system only uploads the set length and auto ignore the left section.

When interval value is 0, system uploads all corresponding files. After completed channel and weekday setup, you can set two periods for one each channel.

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